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The Death Of Print Media

The reasons for this are addressed more fully below.

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Printing of newspapers and magazines which are intended to be used for a fairly brief period of time takes up a great deal of paper. Even where that paper is made from recycled sources, the nature of the product is such that it still results in a sizable contribution to the landfills. Many of these same landfills were poorly designed in the first place and have long exceeded their storage capacity.

Paper may be a fairly biodegradable item but it is bulky and printing things that will only be read once or twice is hardly Eco friendly.

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The modern youth is much less interested in reading printed information than those of previous generations. The wide availability of more interesting uses of time has made attention spans shorter. It seems nonsensical to spend time reading a very static article when the time could easily be diverted to games with flashing graphics and constant sounds.

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Even those who enjoy being informed on daily happenings may find themselves bored by the news in print. This may be the biggest reason that newspapers and magazines are dying. The internet makes it possible to learn about something seconds after it has taken place. Micro-blogging sites can be updated by celebrity in no time at all so that they are more up to date than papers can ever be. As a result, many media companies have very active social media presences. This allows them to survive in some form as the industry they are part of evolves.

History has seen many products and services lose their position of importance. In this case media will become something new and more interactive so perhaps this change can be considered a good one.. Previous generations lived with low awareness owing to inaccessibility to information and, hence, vulnerable to manipulation. The current state of affairs harbingers a bright future as the masses have great knowledge about the issues faced by the country.

The role of media in restoration and independence of judiciary needs not be overemphasised. Thirdly; free media shapes public opinion. Internet, TV and radio channels, and newspapers are effective tools to serve the national interests if geared in the right direction. Numerous articles were published to prove that Pakistan had nothing to do with the Mumbai attacks.

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This helped appease the international concerns. Peoples of Pakistan and India regard Kashmir as an integral part of their respective countries. Media can play its role to soften the stance to reach an agreeable solution. Last but not least; media promotes and strengthens and champions democracy. Precisely, democracy is the best system in which both people and media get freedom of speech. Where media played an important role in the ouster of the military ruler Pervez Musharraf, it also highlighted flaws and lacunae in governance during previous democratic regime.

Elsewhere, the United States and India are good examples where media due to its freedom has played and is playing significant role in strengthening the democratic norms.

The unprecedented freedom of media has, as well, harmed the society. First of all; there are some instances where media outlets spread disinformation and created confusion among the masses. Nevertheless, this disinformation damages significant elements of society.

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For example, some segments in Pakistani media often resorted to create false impression about the government, even they started predicting its departure. Second; freedom without responsibility leads to creation of sensationalism. Media is a powerful opinion-maker and if not dealt carefully, it could be negatively used to form opinions which favour certain organizations or groups.

Pakistan is combating the monster of terrorism but the uncensored and live telecast of the scenes of bomb blasts and of the bleeding people has caused severe psychological impacts on the people of Pakistan. Most areas of Pakistan are, undoubtedly, peaceful but these repeated telecasts create a negative perception of the country which causes decline in foreign investment and damages the tourism industry. This has inadvertently helped the cause of the terrorists.

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Third; the absolute freedom, like absolute power, leads to corruption. Unbridled freedom of expression has led media organisations to interfere in state matters. In countries where legal system is weak but media is free, media often gets involved in corrupt practices. Lack of strict vigilance and regulation allows journalists to negatively use the media power to extort rather than inform. Last but not least; huge profits in the media sector have given rise to commercialisation.

Media outlets nowadays work only for more and more profits.

Influence of wealthy entrepreneurs has made media drift away from its real objective of informing, educating and supporting public. Regardless of what is good for masses, media covers content and issues which increases their ratings — a tool to grab huge profits. Certain issues are self-censored only because they would damage the profits of media outlets.

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Newspapers, for example, often censor or skip reports relating to wrongdoings of the government institutions as doing so may result in cuts on their public advertisements. This has helped introduce and spread Pakistani culture in the world. Television programmes these days are replete with Indian and Turkish plays, soaps and shows. Western influence, though to some extent, is also obvious.

Resultantly, our new generation is hugely influenced by Justin Bieber, Amir Khan and other celebrities but not our native heroes like Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, and other valiant sons of the soil. Expansion of media is also responsible for providing the people with up-to-date communication facilities.

Internet has revolutionized the way people socialise and interact. Friends, relatives and even unknown people are able to interact irrespective of territorial distances.

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Facebook, Skype and other social media help people socialise in modern ways. However, the very same media have become a cause of social isolation as well. This has created generation gaps as well, as social-media-obsessed youngsters stay at a distance from their elders. Moreover; free media is a watchdog over the government and state institutions.

Media keeps a vigilant eye on their doings and wrongdoings. Every good is praised, and every wrong is criticised. Never in Pakistan was corruption exposed to such an extent.

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Nazzar PEMRA General The media in Pakistan dates back to pre-partition years of British India, where a number of newspapers were established to pr. Short essay on Pakistani Media. Article Shared By. ADVERTISEMENTS: Media in any country has a significant role to play in the country's success. Either it.

After the enactment of liberal laws, new corruption scandals are exposed every day. But this freedom has also exposed the state to new dangers. There is no proper framework for accountability in the media sector itself. Hardly has any government taken an action against a corrupt journalist or a media organisation.

Nor has media its own strict accountability mechanism.

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This indicates the vulnerability of free media to become a carefree giant, if not properly regulated. Nonetheless; despite all the negativity, the unparalleled contribution of free media in the progress of this nation cannot be denied. Free media has improved the consciousness among the masses. People never questioned actions of the government the way they do now.