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They might even develop an alternate identity that feels more powerful or provides greater status. Bundy had detailed hero fantasies which eventually turned into sexual possession.

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As Carlisle puts it, fantasies accommodate the expression of unacceptable impulses, desires and aspirations. As normal life grows boring, frustrating or disappointing, the fantasy life can become more attractive. Eventually, the brutal dimension might gain more substance through mental rehearsal or opportunity, and the unrestricted fantasy can develop into an unquenchable addiction.

Killers like Bundy learn to deflect others from discovering their secrets: They devise different sets of values for different life frames. They can then carry on a high level of functioning even while they seek victims and engage in perversity. At the other end of the continuum, compartmentalization, as used by Ted Bundy and others, is a very destructive process that can result in violence. His criteria for determining right from wrong gradually changed over time. What was wrong for him as a child may have become acceptable as an early teen and then desirable when he was in his late teens.

In actual interviews, Bundy often spoke in a disjointed way, while trying to be articulate, and Carlisle corrects for this quirk. He lays out their imagined interview in a coherent manner, which makes for fascinating reading. At times, one wonders how much of this material came from Bundy's actual admissions, but the overall intent seems to be less about painting a perfect portrait than to use significant aspects of Bundy's dvelopment to educate. You can read the first 17 pages for free, by clicking on Preview. I've read the Ann Rule book and seen just about everything on this guy but I can't remember!

Was he considered a narcissist by the experts? Yes, the experts agree, even to the point that his narcissism undermined him. That happened during pre-trial hearings. Tannay said it in his report.

Like Fiz, I can't wait to read this book. The Ted Bundy case is one of the most interesting and fascinating ones.

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I agree, TJ. There's no reason that something can't be improved upon. Carlisle knew Bundy a long time, and more thoroughly than Keppel, who asked Carlisle for his notes. And I think that Keppel and Carlisle don't treat the subject the same way, for a simple reason, one was a detective and the other a psychologist. I don't think that Keppel was ever really interested in why Bundy did his crimes, what was most important to him was to know the names of the victims, the dates and the locations.

You are exactly right-the evaluation offered by Keppel has no psychological value at all and not much as far as the Radex of Criminality. It is always more valuable to get a professional's i. I was researching films that have been made on Ted Bundy aside from all the b-grade slasher representations and I came across this today. I always cringe when psychologists talk about "good" and "evil" as being objective criteria that defines the dual nature of the killer's actions.

Surely that shining degree must have given them enough perspective to realize that it's meaningless to use such terms. Other than that, here comes yet another book written by pseudo scientists that has absolutely no practical purpose at all. I agree with you. There is nothing "dual" about the killer's actions. The intent is pure, unadulterated evil. An extreme endth-degree expression of the killer's warped mind and personality, wantonly and cruelly expressed externally in our physical world: which is unfortunately, condemned to be inextricably melded with his by virtue of our sharing existence with him in space and time on this planet.


I am not a psychologist. However, after doing research on various subjects that coalesced into doing some research on serial killers, their purpose, and their motives, I noticed a few things about Bundy that I am unsure others have noticed about his behavior. I haven't read any books on the subject except for an excerpt about his describing liking listening to the radio and finding comfort in people speaking and the description of finding a VW Beetle for him to steal.

But after watching his interviews there is a dualism to his body language vs what he says that is stark and obvious to an observer. He had emotions, and he expressed them in actions, subtle ones that he might not have been aware of, though it is possible he was. He had two lines of malice towards females in his life. One was evident in his body language towards the females with whom he had deeper relationships, ones he didn't physically hurt, but still had malice towards, and the line of malice he had towards the people he actually killed, and they were distinct from one another.

For example, in his letter to the mother of Amanda Burr, notwithstanding the change in his handwriting as he directed malice towards her using his accusatory tone, simply by the use of the word "You said I Now I'm sure in his mind, to convey that kind of anger towards her would be 'understandable' because of the charge of being accused of killing her daughter, but the tone of his specifics and the manner in which he dismisses her accusations is highly insensitive to the mother, and the letter alone isn't what highlights that particular malice, it is grouped in with other small behaviors just in those two videos I saw.

The video of his last interview, where he still has his wedding band on, can be interpreted as a final jab at all three of his ex's at once. Because by wearing that wedding band, he is insulting his first ex by saying "I got married to someone else. And he married her in court. It's a very subtle jab towards them, but it's a mean one, and coupled in with the letter he wrote to Amanda Burr's mother, is a line of malice that is distinctly separate, but related as a result, from that of his victims.

Remember that she was a person in the same neighborhood as Bundy around that age, which gives it more emotional charge because it is something related to his childhood.

The Lipstick Killer seems to be the inspiration behind

The relationships between females he didn't physically hurt vs the females he did is adjacent to his relationship between his mind and his body, his idea of his soul and self vs his beliefs. So he was very dualistic in his perception of himself. Religion played a deeper role in his upbringing and, being extremely sensitive, likely experienced, as per a religious and overbearing upbringing, by either of his parents, contributed to his entire worldview.

Thought he was much more dependent on external perceptions than most people, that developmental relationship was relatively normal, in other words, he would have required extremely attentive and caring parents with a strong, respectable father figure to counteract and guide his ego to give him something to grasp.

He might have had perspective problems anyway, but not nearly to that extent, and couple that with the social stigma of being a 'bastard' child to an unwed mother in a Christian setting where that type of thing is frowned upon, an ill interpretation and meaning to worthlessness, and tie that in with being heavily dependent on that external perception I mentioned, then taking on the external opinions of his mother and the lack of emotional foundation of his father, the fundamental nature of his relationships Why do people become friends?

I have found numerological proof, ie mathematical proof, that Ted Bundy at 14 years of age killed Ann Marie Burr, aged 8.

Serial Murders Are Not Indigenous, Nor Are They A New Phenomenon

He asked them to help him with his sailboat, but they refused. The prosecutor told the grand jury that he had a witness who could place Theodore Bundy in the ski lodge on the night of the murder. Federal and ap english essays State standards for Insanity Defense. A source close to the case claims that the prosecutor will also attempt to inform the jury that the intelligent, amiable defendant seated before them is also a suspect implicated in the sexual murders of at least 18 or perhaps as many as 36 young women across the country; if these accusations are true, he is one of the most prolific mass murderers in the history of the country. However, his secret life as a serial killer knocked him off course.

That he assumed shocked affront at her mother's charges does not surprise me at all. In his final interview, he referred to the grown women he killed as "those beautiful children" and said that killing him would not bring them back. Yet when the interviewer asked him about the murder of a child, 12 year old Kimberly Leach, for whose killing he was about to be executed, he quickly dipped his head and mumbled: "I don't want to talk about that.

He never admitted the murder of Kimberly, and that final statement was about as close to admitting her murder as he ever came. He also shook his head when his lawyer asked him whether the rumours could possibly be true that Kimberly had been seen alive following her disappearance. That was the only other time that he "admitted" killing a child, if you can call it admittance.

He stopped short of allowing himself to be remembered as a pedophile and child killer, which he clearly was. He desperately wanted to save himself from the electric chair, but he was not about to admit to child murders even minutes before execution, not even in order to save his life. He was still confessing on the way to the electric chair, but not to any child murders.

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That is significant I think. I am baffled why I am attracted sexually to someone as misogynistic as Ted Bundy.

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I feel the same way about Richard Ramirez. I am a rape survivor, but have frequent deep fantasies about being raped sometimes. This makes no sense to me. One time a male Dom tied up my breasts with rope and bull whipped them. I felt no pain. Any honest comments or help would be appreciated.

Literature review on anxiety disorder

I don't think any responsible professional is going to try to assist you with this question online. I find it fascinating that he can appear so good and innocent and get be secretly so evil. I have watched a number of videos featuring him and for the life of me, I feel I would have been conned just as others had been, believing him incapable of the crimes. That I cannot discern the evil lurking underneath disturbs me and perhaps drives the fascination i have for him.

How could a man with everything -- bright, articulate, handsome, charming, seemingly compassionate and sensitive with a bright future ahead of him have such a dark, indiscernible secret? If you're interested, you might learn by looking at the book I just completed with Dennis Rader, the BTK serial Killer, who was similar to Bundy in many ways, escept that he got away with it for much longer.

It will be available in early September. He goes into his own experience and motivations in detail. This one comment makes me think the entire study is worthless. The family Buddy came from was in no way "normal". Nobody has ever learned who his father was; his mother gave conflicting stories. In his early years he was raised by his Grandparents - he was told they were his real parents and that his mother was his sister!

He either discovered the truth on his own or someone else showed him his birth certificate. These factors alone distinguishes his family as being far from "ordinary". That the author is ignorant of this sheds doubt on the entire effort. Carlisle knows Bundy's story well. It was my error in taking sentences from the publisher's blurb.

I will edit. I am convinced that Ted was a narcissist.

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Free Essay: Ted Bundy was an American born rapist, a necrophile; a serial killer The criminal kept on denying the charges for more than ten years and later. Ted Bundy By Kim LaShomb Criminal Psychology Theodore Robert Cowell, aka “Ted Bundy” is one of the most well known serial killers in United States history.

Narcissists focus on people. They want to own people and control people. Ted once said, "murder is about possession. He did not succeed at either. He used the same kind of bait and switch tactic that narcissists use. He would act very nice, something on a cast or crutches, and play on the victim's sympathies. That is exactly how most narcissists operate. Still, I was curious about the hype. I wanted to see where this sort of fascination stems from and why anyone, unless you are directly connected to a victim, cares about a man who was executed 30 years ago.

Around , he and his mother moved to Tacoma, WA, where they lived with his great-uncle Jack Cowell, a music professor. In , the year before Bundy went on his murder spree, he struggled to be accepted into a top law school. He eventually settled and attended night school at the University of Puget Sound. I was not in any position to take her out and squire her around I think I was coming apart at the seams.

The first fictional depiction of Bundy aired in , while he was on death row at Florida State Prison — a network television movie titled The Deliberate Stranger , starring Mark Harmon as Bundy.