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Name required. Lizzie Ross Writing for kids everywhere. Her age also is presented as a reason for her ability to see clearly through the falseness of color ideology. It is assumed that ideology needs time to work, and it has not fully taken Claudia in by the time she witnesses what happens to Pecola. Claudia, as a narrator-character, is only subtly drawn. The reader is aware that her words are a recounting of the past. She is remembering the summer when she and her older sister, Frieda, found out that their acquaintance, Pecola Breedlove, was raped by her father and impregnated.

From her mature point of view, she recognizes the crime was more than just that perpetrated by Cholly, but more pervasively, that perpetrated by the community against its own children. The community rejects the beauty of its own children, encouraging them to recognize the beauty standard of the dominant media--the Shirley Temple blonde and blue-eyed privileged image--as the only kind of beauty.

Blackness is regarded as ugly; the blacker a person is, the more ugly. Claudia resists this color ideology, this internalized racism, vehemently. Morrison depicts the thinking of children in Claudia as at least temporarily clear-visioned. Claudia knows something is wrong with the message she gets that she is not pretty because she does not look like Shirley Temple. She is intensely curious about what makes the white doll so precious and investigates by tearing her dolls apart. Claudia senses that what happens to Pecola has happened on a symbolic level to all the African American children of her community.

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Thanks for checking out our website. The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison is a short novel that revolves around a young girl named Pecola Breedlove who is a victim to incest and rape by her own father Cholly. Geraldine uses whiteness as a scale of accepting others which causes an emotional disconnect among her family. She does not straighten her hair or wear makeup. Cholly himself deserts his family, not really physically, but mentally, for Mr. Pauline and Pecola have troubles with the whites.

In this, her perceptiveness is sharp. Morrison is careful not to portray a simple villain in Cholly. By giving his traumatic experience with racism during his first sexual exploration, Morrison enables the reader to see how Cholly has been hurt. Her portraiture of Cholly, however, is not a central concern in the novel. Therefore, it is done in too hasty a manner. Cholly is first presented as a drunken and lazy father and husband whose wife hates him intensely and who engages in continuous low intensity warfare with him.

He and his wife brutally fight one another and in the first scene of his character portrait, he is knocked unconscious by his wife and wished dead by his son. As a child, Cholly is shown as sensitive and caring, tender in his desire to explore sexual pleasure with a girl named Darlene. This exciting and tender encounter is interrupted by the brutal joke of two white racists who force Cholly, a fourteen year old boy, to perform sex on Darlene for their viewing pleasure. Being powerless against the white men, Cholly turns his hatred onto one who is more powerless than he, Darlene, the person who witnessed his degradation, and who embodied it at the same time.

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He was oppressed as a child and, never having found a way out of the system of oppression, he began to oppress those weaker than he. His rape of his daughter is depicted oddly as a failed return to tenderness. Jake Jake is Cholly's cousin who he meets at Aunt Jimmy's funeral. She is generous and raises Cholly.

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Della Jones Della is Henry's landlady from the past. She had a stroke and is confused. Aunt Julia Aunt Julia is Della's eccentric aunt. Louis Junior Louis Junior is Geraldine's only son who is quite lonely.

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He bullies other children, especially Pecola. Claudia MacTeer Claudia is the narrator, in part, of the novel. She tells the story through her memories of childhood when she was nine years old. Claudia's memories begin each of the sections: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Claudia is a strong black girl who is the opposite of Pecola. Like Pecola, she grew up in a poor black family; however she received nurturing, and her family was functional. Claudia does not accept the white value system that would have her despise herself because she is black, and she does not fit the predominant, white cultural definition of beauty.

Claudia has self-esteem and is indignant about the racial discrimination she and her friends experience. She is aware of her own feelings of hatred and her capacity for violence. She openly expresses her anger at white culture by her reaction to white dolls. She rips their heads off and makes no apologies for her behavior. She is indignant that nobody asks her what she wants for Christmas, they just present her with a white doll.

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She also participates in beating up her neighbor, Rosemary, who is white and has many things Claudia doesn't, including a superior attitude toward the black children. Claudia has learned valuable life lessons from her mother: she does not see herself as powerless or overwhelmed in the face of racial discrimination; and she feels deserving of all the things that she is denied by white culture.

Claudia has a sense of justice and rescues Pecola. Even her need to tell Pecola's story is a kind of rescue. Claudia will not permit Pecola's story to remain untold. Frieda MacTeer Frieda is Claudia's older sister. Frieda and Claudia share a childhood friendship with Pecola. MacTeer Mrs. MacTeer is Claudia and Frieda's mother. Marie, China and Poland These women are prostitutes who live in an apartment above the Breedlove family.

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Marie is also known as Maginot Line because she is fat. The prostitutes drink a lot of whiskey and they hate the men who are their clients. They are friendly to Pecola and she runs errands for them. M'Dear M'Dear is a midwife. Peggy Peggy is having an affair with Della Jones's husband. Dewey Prince Dewey is a boyfriend of Marie's. Maureen Peal Maureen Peal is a light-skinned black girl who everyone seems to like at school.

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She has long hair, green eyes and dresses nicely. Claudia and Frieda hate her and call her "Meringue Pie. Rosemary Villanucci Rosemary is the next-door neighbor of Claudia and Frieda. She is white. Elihue Micah Whitcomb Soaphead Church Soaphead is a spiritualist, a sort of self-proclaimed healer who was born of mixed blood.

He is free from being considered black but he has no secure identity, either sexually or racially. Pecola consults him to request blue eyes. Yacobowski Mr. Yacobowski is the candy store owner. He is a fifty-two-year-old white immigrant. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

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