Samah el-tantawy dissertation

Game theory used to create Smart traffic lights

University of Toronto Engineering graduate Samah El-Tantawy is creating better, smarter traffic lights using game theory and artificial intelligence to teach lights how to adjust to traffic patterns in real time.

Tests of El-Tantawy's system on 60 downtown Toronto intersections at rush hour showed a reduction in delays of up to 40 per cent. The test also showed it cut travel times by as much as 26 per cent.

Samah el-tantawy dissertation

Existing traffic light systems use sensors embedded in the pavement leading up to the intersection to send data to and from a central management centre. The centre then sends signals back to adjust the lights' timing.

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However, El-Tantawy's system processes data on site and in real time, avoiding data transmission delays. It also avoids the system-wide chaos that would result if the central management centre broke down.

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Abdul Aziz et al. Published online: 30 Oct Hyunjeong Jeon et al.

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Dr. Samah El-Tantawy is currently an Assistant Professor at Engineering Mathematics During her PhD research, Samah developed a coordinated traffic signal. Samah Mohamed El-Shafie Mohamed El-Tantawy. A thesis . The thesis shows how mathematical modelling of the traffic control problem as a stochastic.

Published online: 18 Dec Tim Brys et al. Connection Science Volume 26, - Issue 1.

Published online: 13 Mar Wade Genders et al. Published online: 3 Jan Samah El-Tantawy et al.

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Transportation Letters Volume 2, - Issue 2. Published online: 7 Sep Mingtao Xu et al. Published online: 17 Oct More Share Options.

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