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To retrieve these mysterious, magical stickers, which are now stuck onto Bowser and his underlings, Mario sets off on an adventure with Kersti, a sticker fairy, visiting prairies, deserts, forests. All the latest and hottest Paper Mario: Sticker Star news and rumors. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the fourth installment in the Paper Mario series, and the first Paper Mario title to be released for a handheld console.

However in battle Mario can only use stickers, which take the place of items and serve as an item-likes system for action commands.

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Despite the fan backlash to Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Nintendo themselves have praised the game on occasion, stating that it should be the template for the Paper Mario series going forward. Paper Mario Sticker Star - esrb. Paper Mario: Sticker Star arrives some five years later, with the series still in flux, with a new spin on the formula that brings it closer to the achievements of the first two games while being. Go to the right and sink partway into the quicksand so you can go under the wall and find the Stone Entry, which goes into "Scraps".

Once we go back, we notice the Goombas on the wall start moving, then jump off the wall and battle us. These are Mural Goombas. They each have 13 HP.

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Likewise, the Mural Koopas jump off the wall. They have 13 HP as well. There are Spikes on the other side of the quicksand throwing spike balls at you. On the other side is a spot where the Stone Entry is supposed to be. Beware of the Buzzy Beetle in the doorway. Take the platform up to the next level. Same puzzle as the first floor. Right panel shoe, middle spike helmet, left hammer.

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We leave the room, walk to the left, and go outside. In one of the windows, we see what looks like the back of Luigi's head. I was wondering when he'd show up. Sombrero Guy is nearby.

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Paperize and Luigi will look through the window. Peel him out of the window and a tiny Luigi will run off. What just happened? Go back inside and go over the sand and through the hole in the wall. Go to the left to return to part of the hallway. There's a huge pile of sand in front of the door.

Go outside again and take the green pipe to the first part. It's the pipe behind the wall. Go back through the pipe and walk around the corner. There's a door that's not quite right, so paperize, peel it off, and replace it. Sand flows out the door. We can now go through the door.

Paper Mario Sticker Star - All Tablet Piece Locations Guide (2-1, 2-2, 2-4 & 2-5)

The elevator takes us to a floor with another sticker puzzle, with multiple sticker images, but only two slots. This is a tricky puzzle. Check out the Toad where you're supposed to put the stickers. Which way do the head and feet face? Find the other two Toads holding items whose head and feet face the same way that Toad does.

This opens the door to a Save Block and a Heart Block. The elevator takes us up to an arena, where Kersti notices another Royal Sticker. The mural pictures are the audience. It looks possessed.

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I fail the Battle Spin. I probably should've made the Bat into a sticker. He can spin in front of us to do multiple attacks. I try again after getting the Bat and get two stickers in the Battle Spin.