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DNA fingerprinting can "provide the government with an extraordinary amount of genetic information that can be misused. What if DNA fingerprinting also helped reduce crime? Analysing DNA from samples of body fluids or body tissue in order to identify individuals is referred to as DNA fingerprinting. DNA fingerprinting is often used to provide evidence in criminal investigations. DNA fingerprinting has been applied in different criminal law cases, paternity tests and to detect certain genetic diseases.

The pattern of these bands produced is unique to an individual and represents the genetic fingerprint of a person. In conclusion, DNA fingerprints can be used to compare one or more individuals. DNA contains a great deal of information about a person, much more than one's social security number or one's fingerprint can hold. One current way of identification is by the use of fingerprint.

A fingerprint must be obtained through touch. Using fingerprinting how could he be identified?

The young boy is a minor, never committing a crime before, therefore his fingerprints are not on file. I think in this case that the good outweighs the bad and I'm all for the mandatory DNA fingerprinting. This science can use blood and other bodily fluids, teeth, bones, hair, fingerprints, handwriting, clothing fibers as clues in many different cases. The way it works is by examining the genetic code in the DNA to find out who the body fluid belongs to prove they were at the scene of the crime.

Basically it's a sort of genetic fingerprinting and no two individuals with the exception to identical twins will have the same genetic finger print. Another technique used is fingerprinting. One way of doing is the direct comparison of the two images for compatibility.

The second method, the most effective of the two requires examination of minutes features of each image. Fingerprinting provides the solution to most of the security problems. Law enforcers in corporation with forensic scientists have been able to identify and prosecute perpetrators of criminal activities in the society. The uniqueness of finger prints of each individual makes it hard for a suspect of a crime activity to walk away scot free once arrested with evidence showing compatibility between the fingerprints at the crime scene and those of the suspect.

Unlike the fingerprints gathered using print ink as was the case before the invention of scan-printing, which were of poor quality, development in technology has enhanced law enforcers to collect high quality fingerprints at the crime scenes. This has indeed been instrumental in prosecution of criminals Lyon, In the wake of increased terrorism activities, it has since become important that border surveillance be beefed up.

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Fingerprinting has been essential in ensuring that suspected terrorists do not penetrate the borders using forged travel documents. Advanced technology has enabled terrorists and other criminals to have the ability to make forged documents appear real and hence use them to travel and cause mayhem.

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Apple would be smart to add biometric technology to the iPhone. These are latent, patent, and plastic or molded fingerprints. Anybody know where I can get an armed Marine? Second, the fingerprints collected at the crime scene are often incomplete and often are partial, dirty, or dirty prints. Just one question that comes to mind: what about self incrimination? These crucial findings can lead to recommendations concerning the use and reliance on these advances.

Once the fingerprints of the suspects are taken and stored in the security database, it becomes tough for these terror suspects to access the ports or the airports using their forged documents. Their fingerprints are bound to mismatch with those of the people they claim to be and are hence arrested. Fingerprint technology is therefore a crucial tool in the fight against terrorism not only by Americans but the entire world. Biometric fingerprint technology has gone beyond forensic use in combating crime. Modern high-tech electronic devices make use fingerprint technology.

Entrance control and door-lock applications, fingerprint identification mouses, fingerprint mobile phones are just but examples of devices that appreciate biometric fingerprint technology. These devices are tailored to meet interests of an individual. It is only the designated individual whose fingerprints are incorporated in the product that can have an access to such a device. This technology has become important in bringing down crime rates involving such devices since stealing them amounts top wasted effort as no amount of effort can see the device put in use.

E-commerce has been boosted by the invention of biometric fingerprint technology. This technology has encouraged more people to trust networks since majority feared for the security of the on-line transactions.

Fingerprints have since become a simple, trusted and convenient method of personal authentication. Passwords and tokens are universally disliked and the requirement of a fingerprint has since become a solution.

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Biometric fingerprint technology has found use in easing congestion at the airports and ports where personal authentication is required. Scanning of fingerprints takes only a few seconds and is very accurate. This therefore means that the long queues that have in the past characterized these places will be a thing of the past once this technology is embraced in all terminal points in the country and world over.

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This will save a lot of time and the hustle that has been witnessed in the past. Fingerprinting technology is going to have tremendous impact on the economy.

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Free Essay: Fingerprinting is used for many things, such as a robbery, or at a crime scene. Fingerprints were first discovered in by Alphonse Bertillon. Free essay sample on Fingerprinting. Discover a great deal of useful information on our website!.

To begin with; creation of employment opportunities. As the technology becomes popular in the market, a good number of people are going to find job opportunities in the companies charged with the manufacture of fingerprint scanners or even as software developers.

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Thus fingerprints are considered a type of individual evidence, evidence that can pinpoint. This person may be the suspect, a victim, or a witness. There are three types of fingerprints that can be found: latent, patent, and plastic. This type of fingerprint is invisible to the naked eye and requires additional processing in order to be seen.

This processing can include basic powder techniques or the use of chemicals.

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Patent fingerprints can. Home Page Research Fingerprints Essay. Fingerprints Essay Words 4 Pages. Fingerprinting is used for many things, such as a robbery, or at a crime scene. Fingerprints were first discovered in by Alphonse Bertillon, who was a French anthropologist. In , Juan Vucetich had made the first criminal report using a fingerprint.

In America used fingerprints for identification. When America started using fingerprints for identification they had to match the fingerprints manually when needed. When technology was able to enter fingerprints, and match them with anonymous ones, it helped identification immensely. Fingerprints are formed during the first, third to fourth months of fetal development. While growing in the womb the fingerprint and the ridges will expand.

A fingerprint stays the same from when …show more content…. A fuming chamber is when you take any type of super glue, and put it into the chamber. Then we put the object into the chamber and turn it on, and leave it in there for about twenty minutes. When the object is done in the chamber, we will then take it out of the chamber and dust it with the regular powder to find the print.

Then we will use the tape to lift the print from the object.