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Marriage has been a very important part of the Indian Society. Marriage does not take place only between two people but is a union of two families with a strong bond being created between them. Over the time different rituals have evolved according to different religions and culture. In ancient times polyandry and polygyny types of marriage prevailed and it is still evident in some of the religions.

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It was believed that marriage bought two half distinct lives together and after marriage husband and wife were not considered different entities but they were considered to be one soul. The main function of Marriage was the continuity of the race by bearing children and to impart cultural heritage. There were several factors for selecting a bridegroom such as intelligence , wealth, good character, etc.

There are some factors on the basis of which brides were selected such as girl should be endowed with beauty, intelligence, good family, absence of disease and possession of a brother. Inter caste Marriages were permitted during the ancient times. Marriage could take place between women of lower caste with the men of higher caste but vice versa was not allowed.

Custom of dowry did not prevail during ancient time as the groom takes away the bride realizing that she would be deprived of her family. Hence he could not think of demanding dowry or donation. On the contrary, it was the duty of the bridegroom to provide some gifts to bride and her parents.

A boy was allowed to marry only when he had finished his Vedic studies.

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Minimum age of marriage for boy was 20 and minimum age for girl was The society was Patriarchal but the status of women was better than the later ages as women were given education, freedom of movement, [2]Niyoga and widow remarriage, prevailed and chid marriage and sati system were absent. Divorce were allowed under very special condition, it was rarely seen in the practice. In Medieval period, position of women deteriorated. In Medieval times Marriage was not based on love, most of the marriages were a form of political arrangement.

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Divorce rates were low as people regarded divorce as greatest blot in their reputation. Such marriages were backed up by the power of money. The family of the girl who was to be married would give dowry, or donation, to the boy to whom she was marrying. Ye points out how a poor man can manage to have a wedding even with one bar of silver. Weddings were fairly expensive in China, and not many people were able to afford a wedding Doc 1. As silver was a rarity, it quickly diffused into the Chinese economy as a valuable currency. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Show More. Unlike the flowers use in Western weddings, traditional Chinese never used white flowers in ceremonies except funeral. Chinese people believe that a marriage deal can be brokered unless the fortune teller tells that couple is good matching Mack, It is Chinese culture to believe in supernatural.

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Contrary to Chinese culture, American culture just set a wedding date according to time availability. American people believe that a marriage needs to build up from love; not a family relationship. Xie explains that there are many things to prepare before a wedding date for both families. The traditional marriage is not only about two people but also two families cooperate together to celebrate this wedding.

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Both families prepare a meeting day to discuss about wedding of their daughter or son. Then, they come together to pick an auspicious day which they believe a lucky day according to astrological signs. After this meeting, this couple considers as legally engaged through both sides of parents. Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 6. The feelings associated with love may be the same all over, but how love is approached can vary. Dating and marriage customs are different from country to country; Japan, in particular has very unique dating and marriage procedures.

Japan is a located in Southeastern Asia. The Japanese tend to share some very different ideas concerning.

A Black And White Wedding: Traditional Filipino and Spanish Marriage Ceremonies The concept of marriage has existed in nearly all human cultures throughout history, though its participants, basis, and goals have varied a great deal. Therefore, it is not surprising that weddings, the celebration of marriage, are treated as important, milestone events in countries around the. Some of us spent months, even years to plan such ceremony without acknowledgement of what it truly means. For example, The meaning of the most common rituals, such as the honeymoon, veils , and the dresses. You know the basics of a wedding, now I am here to enhance your perceptions.

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Wedding Customs Essay Words 3 Pages. Marriage represents that the joining together of a man and a woman as a family. Even though most countries have some form of wedding ceremony, their wedding customs are different in many ways because of different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. For example, Korea and Poland have different wedding customs involving symbolic food and drink at the wedding, wedding attrite, and the wedding reception. First difference in wedding customs between a traditional Korea and Polish is symbolic food and drink.

At the Korean wedding ceremony, the couple shares three spoonfuls of rice, which represents the meals that they will share for the rest of their lives. Also, they pour Korean liquor made of rice into two cups. This symbolizes the union …show more content…. In addition, Korea and Poland have uniquely different wedding attire. In Korea, for more than 2, years, the Hanbok, the traditional Korean costume has been worn by both men and women at the wedding ceremony.

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